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Born in 1979, I grown up in Vitória (Brazil). I live today in Rio de Janeiro, where I currently work as a freelance photographer.
My work is mainly on documentary photography, photojournalism and portrait, in particular publishing about social issues and stories of life.
I’m part of the Board Director for Agência Porã – a Brazilian Agency specialized on documentary photography, where a big part of my work is represented by.
I act also as curator for others photographer’s works for exhibitions and publications.
Another of my activities is to work as producer to other photographers and journalists passing through Brazil. Helping them with scheduling, research, interviews, translation, film shooting or/and as a back-up photographer.

My work had been published on The Washington Post and The Washington Post Magazine, The Independent, The Irish Times, Newsweek, The Yomi, The Miami Herald, O Globo, Você S/A, among others.

Graduated in Photojournalism, I’m specialized on Photography for Social Science and Visual Anthropology.
Began working with photography and journalism in 1998.

Fred Pacífico Alves

Repórter Fotográfico / Photographer

+ 55 21 8184-6769

skype: fredpacifico


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